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1. General Info

What Are Press-on Nails?

⍤ Press-on nails are re-useable, plastic nail tips painted with gel polish to mimic the look of a gel manicure/ gel nail extension from nail salon.


Why Press On Nails?

⍤ Easy to apply and remove without damaging your natural nails
⍤ Reusable with good care
⍤ Great alternative if you don't have time to sit through a 2-hour nail appointment
⍤ Provides you endless options of designs for different occasions (eg. important events, photoshoots, holidays, everyday wear)
⍤ Customizable to exactly the design you envision
⍤ Budget friendly for all the crazy designs you want to achieve


You can also check out our videos on "daily use" on instagram (@sweeton__beauty) and YouTube


How Long Do Press On Nails Last?

⍤ With proper application as shown in next FAQ, your set will last up to 2 weeks depending on your lifestyle, care and method of application. 
⍤ They do not last as long as acrylics because they are glued to your nail and not bonded. On average, most of my customers report around 2weeks of wear. 
⍤ Lifting can occur during this time, to which you can just remove the nail and re-glue it.
⍤ Be gentle to your nails and don't use them as tools if you would like your set to last.


Can I Reuse My Press On Nails?

⍤ Yes! They are absolutely reusable and could last at least 3-4 uses
⍤ Use the buffer block provided to remove left-over glue residue from each use. See removal instructions.



How Are These Different From Press-ons From Amazon/ Drugstore Nails?

⍤ Each set is uniquely hand painted, using salon-grade gel polish. They are available in a wide range of sizes, easily tailored to each customer. High-quality nail tips are used to ensure the flexibility and strength required for everyday wear is there.
⍤ Cheaper press-on nails are paint-coated/printed plastics, which do not have layers of gel to support the structure of the nail. This results in flimsy or unnatural looking nails. Although some of these press-ons come in packs of 24, the sizing is often very small and may not fit your nails perfectly or at all.