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2. Application/Removal

How Do I Apply Press On Nails?

⍤ Ensure to check that each nail fits properly before doing any gluing
⍤ Apply with "nail glue"
- Avoid adding too much glue, which can flood the cuticle area and dry on top of your skin
- Remove any stray glue using an acetone-soaked cotton ball/wipe
- Leave any reshaping or additional filing of the nail until after it has been glued on
- Please note that this can compromise the integrity of the nail, perform at your own risk
















    Step 1: Prep
    - Push back cuticles with the wooden cuticle pusher
    - Lightly buff the entire surface of your natural nail using the buffer block
    - Remove dust from nails
    - Dehydrate nail using an alcohol wipe or cotton ball soaked in isopropyl alcohol
    Step 2: Glue
    - Uncap and gently cut the sealed tip of the nail glue using scissors
    - Apply a small amount of glue on the nail bed and lightly spread it around to cover surface of nail
    - Apply a smaller amount of glue under the press-on in the same area

    ⍤ Using "Jelly Sticker(double-side tabs)": remove tabs from sheet and place on nail bed closest to the cuticle area, before removing the protective plastic
    Step 3: Apply
    - At a 45 degree angle starting from your cuticle, apply the press-on and hold for 10-15 seconds, lightly pinching down the sides of the nail
     **Avoid contact with water for 2 hours**
    Handle nails with care, avoid direct contact or pressure! 

    ⍤ You can also check out our videos on application methods and measuring your nail sizes on instagram (@sweeton__beauty) and YouTube


    What Is The Difference Between Jelly sticker and Nail glue?

    ⍤ Jelly sticker(Double-sided tabs): last up to 1-3 days and are perfect for those last minute meetings, dates, interviews, photo props, parties, weddings, videos, etc.

       Nail glue:  last up to 1-2 weeks and are perfect for those who want to keep nails for longer durations.


    What Do I Do If My Press On Nails Are Bigger?

    ⍤ Make sure each press on nail fits your natural nails perfectly to avoid lifting or discomfort. If too big, lightly file down cuticle area


    How Do I Make Press On Nails Look More Natural?

    ⍤ Push back cuticle and clean hands
    ⍤ When applying your press ons, try to place it as close to your cuticle as possible


    How Do I Maintain And Reuse My Press On Nails?

    ⍤ After removing press on nails, use a file to remove the remaining glue residue. It prolongs the life of your set
    ⍤ If you are a long term press on nail user, it is highly recommended to invest in an inexpensive nail drill for maintenance


      How Do I Remove My Press On Nails?

      1. Fill up a container of warm, soapy water
      2. Soak your nails for 5-10 minutes
      3. Loosen the press-ons with the cuticle stick by lightly lifting around the cuticles
      4. If the press-on is loose, pop it off gently; otherwise, soak for 5-10 more minutes and repeat
      5. Alternatively, take a hot shower instead of soaking your nails with the same method
      6. Save your nails for re-use!


      ⍤ Please DO NOT pull them off. It is extremely damaging to your natural nails
      ⍤ Soak nails in warm soapy water if you would want to preserve the nails
      ⍤ Take cuticle pusher to gently lift your cuticle area and push them off
      ⍤ If nails are still adhere, you can apply some cuticle oil (coconut oil works as well) and gently push off nails
      ⍤ Sticky, leftover residue from the nail tabs can be lightly scraped off.
      ⍤ Avoid using acetone to remove nail glue, as it can damage the press-on and prevent re-use.


      There Is Still Glue On My Natural Nails After Removal, What Do I Do?

      ⍤ You may lightly buff the surface of your nails using the provided buffer block to remove residual glue. Otherwise, it will come off your nails over the next couple of days from regular hand-washing. Nail glue is made of cyanoacrylate, which is non-toxic.