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How to order?

Create any press-on nails with your very OWN design - quick & easy.

Send us your design - Receive quotes from us - Add to cart!

Here's how...

You can:
  • Send us photos/details of any nail designs by direct messaging (DM) us on Instagram (@sweeton__beauty)


  • Visit "Get quote/request form" under the tab bar Custom Order. Quotes for your design will be sent out within 48 hours with pricing + estimated dispatch date.

In order to complete the purchase of your custom order:

    1. Go to "Order Custom Now" under Custom Order and click the product "Custom Order".
    2. Select the price of your design, then add to cart!

Please note: Order Custom Now page is only for customized designs that are NOT found on our website AND after you have received the quotes from us :)


What information should I include to receive quotes for my own design?

  • Provide your measurements for all fingers (in this order: Thumb, Index, Middle, Ring, Pinky)
  • Provide the shape you would like as shown in Shapes below
  • Provide one or more photos & indicate any customizations
  • Shipping Address, Name and email


How Do I Pick My Size?


How Do I Measure My Nails?



What Do I Do If My Nail Measurement Is In Between Sizes?

⍤ Go with the bigger size as you could file down cuticle area to fix you natural nail better.



What Nail Shapes Are There?

⍤ We highly recommend purchasing a ‘Sizing Kit’ when ordering SWEET:ON Press On Nails for the first time as the fit of press on nails vary with each nail bed lengths, widths, curvatures and overall shapes.

⍤ You can also check out our videos on application methods and measuring your nail sizes on instagram (@sweeton__beauty) and YouTube


What Is Included In My Set?

⍤ Each set of nails includes:
- a set of 10 nails
- a prep kit (1 wooden cuticle pusher,  1 mini nail file, 1 mini nail buffer,  2 Alcohol prep pads)
- an adhesive kit (1 Nail glue-2g, Jelly sticker-1 sheet (24pcs))
⍤ If you would like more "Prep kit" and "Adhesive", please purchase them in 'Nail Accessories' in the Menu.

"Prep kit" includes the following:

  • 1 wooden cuticle pusher
  • 1 mini nail file
  • 1 mini nail buffer
  • 2 Alcohol prep pads


Can I re-use my ordered press on nails?

⍤ Yes. You can re-use it with extra "prep kit" and "adhesive".

In order to re-use your ordered press on nails, any add-ons can be purchased separately: a prep kit, nail glue (for up to 1~2 weeks), jelly sticker, nail glue remover(for reusing nails), and extra nails( in case you lose or damage one or for extra sizes).