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4. Ordering

How Do I Pick My Size?



How Do I Measure My Nails?




What Do I Do If My Nail Measurement Is In Between Sizes?

⍤ Go with the bigger size as you could file down cuticle area to fix you natural nail better.


What Nail Shapes Are There?


⍤ We highly recommend purchasing a ‘Sizing Kit’ when ordering SWEET:ON Press On Nails for the first time as the fit of press on nails vary with each nail bed lengths, widths, curvatures and overall shapes.

⍤ You can also check out our videos on application methods and measuring your nail sizes on instagram (@sweeton__beauty) and YouTube


What Is Included In My Set?

⍤ Each set of nails includes:
- a set of 10 nails
- a prep kit (1 wooden cuticle pusher,  1 mini nail file, 1 mini nail buffer,  2 Alcohol prep pads)
- an adhesive kit (1 Nail glue-2g, Jelly sticker-1 sheet (24pcs))
⍤ If you would like more "Prep kit" and "Adhesive", please purchase them in 'Nail Accessories' in the Menu.

"Prep kit" includes the following:

  • 1 wooden cuticle pusher
  • 1 mini nail file
  • 1 mini nail buffer
  • 2 Alcohol prep pads


 Can I re-use my ordered press on nails?

⍤ Yes. You can re-use it with extra "prep kit" and "adhesive".

In order to re-use your ordered press on nails, any add-ons can be purchased separately: a prep kit, nail glue (for up to 1~2 weeks), jelly sticker, nail glue remover(for reusing nails), and extra nails( in case you lose or damage one or for extra sizes).


 How Do I Order a Specific Design That Isn’t Listed On Your Page?

⍤ Send us photos and details of what you're looking for over Instagram (@sweeton__beauty) or visit the Custom Orders page. Quotes will be sent out within 48 hours with pricing and the estimated dispatch date.

⍤ Once confirmed, payment can be made over the website check-out, or e-transfer.


Can You Do Custom Shapes?

⍤ If you want to order a shape that is not listed as an option, it may be available for an additional $5 per set. Please contact us for more details.


Can I Change The Colours In My Design?

⍤ You may substitute colours in preset designs, but if you want to include multiple additional colours, there is an extra fee - please place an order through the Custom Orders form.


How Is Pricing Determined?

⍤ Pricing depends on the complexity of the design and the estimated time to complete it. Materials required such as Swarovski stones, rhinestones, decals or additional gel is also taken into consideration.

⍤ Complex designs include "simple" looking ones such as french tips, abstract lines, etc. since they require a high level of precision and detail. Multi-colour designs also require additional effort since multiple layers of curing is usually needed.