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1.General Info

⍤ What Are Press-on Nails?
⍤ How Long Do Press On Nails Last?
⍤ Why Press On Nails?
⍤ Can I Reuse My Press On Nails?
⍤ How Are These Different From Press-ons From Amazon/ Drugstore Nails?

2. Application/Removal

⍤ How Do I Apply Press On Nails?

⍤ What Do I Do If My Press On Nails Are Bigger?

⍤ How Do I Make Press On Nails Look More Natural?

⍤ How Do I Maintain And Reuse My Press On Nails?

⍤ What Is The Difference Between Jelly sticker and Nail glue?

⍤ How Do I Remove My Press On Nails?

⍤ There Is Still Glue On My Natural Nails After Removal, What Do I Do?

3. Shipping

⍤ How Long Does Shipping Take?

⍤ What Is Your Processing Time? 

⍤ What Are The Shipping Options?

4. Ordering

⍤ How Do I Pick My Sizes? 

⍤ How Do I Measure My Nails?

⍤ What Do I Do If My Nail Measurement Is In Between Sizes?

⍤ What Nail Shapes Are There?

⍤ What Is Included In My Set?

⍤ Can I re-use my ordered press on nails?

⍤ How Do I Order a Specific Design That Isn’t Listed On Your Page?

⍤ Can You Do Custom Shapes? 

⍤ Can I Change The Colours In My Design? 

⍤ How Is Pricing Determined?